The transfer of knowledge between our team and our clients is a key priority for Joss Technology. Our goal is to provide high quality training so that our customers are instantly proficient in using, supporting, and maintaining our application.

To that end, Joss Technology has developed a series of training sessions for various audiences:

  • Technical training: Our team of technical experts trains our clients’ engineers on how to customize our application by developing tailor-made workflow rules and new interfaces to internal systems. We also give a complete access to our technical documentation that explains how to use our APIs.
  • Functional assistance: After a thorough introduction to our applications, our best practices are reviewed and adjusted by our customers’ business analysts.
  • Project support: Our extensive experience in implementing complex software applications in financial institutions allows us to pro-actively advise project managers on critical tasks and realistic time lines.
  • End-users training: While Joss Technology strongly recommends that the local functional team train the end-users, we nevertheless offer the service to our customers to prepare end-users to use a production environment.