Because data quality is not a one-time task but an ongoing process, we also provide a complete solution for the management of entities throughout their lifecycles. We enable the creation and maintenance of a single view of the client or counterparty across the enterprise. Your data is kept accurate, up-to-date, and synchronized with all other internal systems. All information related to entities can be centralized in our platform and disseminated throughout the enterprise systems in batch or real-time.

EDMS is all about exception-based processing, automation and controls. Our strict validation rules guarantee data quality from the moment a new object is created in the system. Our dynamic maintenance of the data ensures data is kept accurate throughout the lifecycle of an entity.

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Mandatory fields & 4 eye principle
We ensure new entities are created accurately and that all necessary documentation is available from day one.
Corporate Action Events
Through our plug&play adaptors, we automate the monitoring and processing of M&A, bankruptcies, rating changes, name changes, ….
Corporate Hierarchies
Hierarchical relationships can be configured to fit business and/or regulatory reporting requirements. Users can view and browse directly on our interface the “full family tree/social graph” of the entities they are exposed to.
All counterparty information in one repository
You can easily access, browse and extract all the information related to your counterparties in one place. Data that can be stored includes Standing Settlement Instructions (SSIs), industrial classification systems (NAICS, SIC, GICS, ICB), credit ratings, …
Centralized documentation store
EDMS can be used as the centralized repository of all client documents (ISDA Agreements, Netting Agreements and other documentation can be securely stored and accessed in one place).
Workflow engine
We provide a graphical interface to allow easy configuration of business rules. Workflow engine can be used to support Client Onboarding, Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) activities.
System views
We always keep a copy of how data is represented in the various source systems. Users can see exactly what their colleagues from other departments see.
Flexible data model
You can create new data attributes in a matter of seconds. This flexibility enables us to fit in within your existing data model and to quickly meet new internal or external data requirements.
Full audit trail capabilities
You can know exactly who did what and when. You will meet data retention regulations with activity logs that can be extracted in case of audits.
Configurable access permissions
Administrators can configure the application by assigning roles, privileges (e.g. from read-only to full edit) and different levels of access to individual users or groups of users.