Entity Data Management System (EDMS) is our comprehensive suite of data quality and maintenance tools. You can view our platform as two main modules:


Using state-of-the-art technology and intuitive interfaces, our modular product is designed to be easily integrated within your existing infrastructure, workflows and processes.

Within EDMS, we give you the flexibility to use the features that fit your needs and objectives. Here are some of the ways we help you achieve effective entity data management:

  • Easily create a consolidated view of entities: With our tools, you can quickly aggregate all your entity information scattered across your organization. You are then able to perform data normalization and conversion, mapping, matching, cleansing and quality analysis.
  • Creation of Master Record & Central Repository: If they choose to, users of our platform can create a “single version of the truth” and retain the views of how data is represented in all other systems. Our EDMS platform can also be used as a centralized repository where all the entity information (e.g. KYC documentation, ISDA and Netting agreements, …) is centrally located and easily accessible.
  • Dynamically maintain data: We help our clients increase automation and enforce strict data governance. Our focus is to ensure higher quality is maintained on an ongoing basis. We also facilitate the automatic tracking and alerting of corporate actions events (mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, …).
  • Disseminate consolidated entity view: You can choose to connect to our platform other systems that produce or consume information related to counterparties, clients and other entities. The objective is to ensure high-quality data is used throughout your firm. The following systems are the obvious, but not the only, beneficiaries of the consolidated and accurate data: compliance, risk management, client onboarding, KYC, CRM, general ledger, front-to-back cross asset platforms, middle and back office, …

We work with clients to accelerate projects they may have started already. Our technology can really make a difference and help you reduce the time needed to complete your projects. We empower users with intuitive and effective tools. The results are increased automation, reduced manual data reviews and greater accuracy.

Here are typical projects where users benefit from our technology and support:

  • Entity reconciliation in preparation for the CICI and LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)
  • Integration and data scrubbing of entity data feeds from various vendors
  • Mapping between instruments and entities (aka issue to issuer linkages)
  • Data warehousing of entity information and entity documentation
  • Cleansing and enrichment of existing Client Data repositories
  • Development of corporate hierarchies views
  • Faster client onboarding, KYC/AML workflows