September 8, 2011, Inside Reference Data – Waters Technology

Joss Technology’s upcoming utility release addresses the data management challenges its clients are facing as they await the LEI. “Firms are looking to collect their business entity data from their various systems, so they need the tools to do the cross referencing, indexing and matching process as well as the quality analysis,” says Schlatter.

While the company’s platform, Joss Entity Data Management System, already automates LEI data processes, the data utility hub for operational data will allow users to share information and obtain core data directly from counterparties.
“Being able to do this will give financial institutions the chance to focus on internal aspects of the counterparty data, including compliance, risk, custom attributes and internal identifiers, while validating the data,” says Schlatter, adding that users will also be able to define quality metrics and monitor those over time as they resolve issues based on the interactive dashboard.