Our Areas of Expertise

Our founding principle is to simplify entity data management and bring effective solutions to the marketplace. With an easy-to use interface, a flexible architecture, and a robust suite of functionalities deployed in-house or accessible in the cloud, you will obtain immediate and tangible benefits by working with us.

We engage with many business functions: risk management, compliance, trading and middle & back-office operations. We work in partnership with you to better manage risk, ensure you remain compliant, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency. In addition, we strongly believe we can turn your entity data into a valuable asset that can generate revenues and help grow your business.

Please see below for our Benefits Overview and read about current projects to learn how we can help you meet your objectives and have a positive impact on your business.


Over the past few years, the Financial Services industry has witnessed unprecedented levels of regulatory activity. Not just in the US but across the globe, the wind of financial reform is blowing and dramatically impacting the activities of players in the sector. A more stringent regulatory environment is the new normal.
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Risk Management

During the financial crisis, financial institutions truly struggled to grasp their true exposure to Lehman Brothers and AIG as these firms were collapsing. As a result, in today’s financial services industry, all firms small and large alike, recognize the importance of effective risk management and have made it a priority. There is no doubt that the past few years have brought much greater scrutiny to this business function and risk professionals are subject to ever increasing pressure to provide complete, accurate and more real-time risk reporting.
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Client Onboarding

Client onboarding can be burdensome both for your organization and for your customer. It tends to be resource intensive and prone to manual errors. Bottlenecks and other delays are common and they hamper what clients expect to be a smooth and fast process.
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Most organizations recognize that they need to improve the management of securities and payments reference data. In particular, issues with Standard Settlement Instructions (SSIs) and poor data related to broker/dealers, correspondent banks, counterparties, clients and custodians are resulting in millions of dollars still lost because of trade and payments failures.
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Benefits Overview

  • 360View of each business entity your firm interacts with (e.g. Bank ABC and/or one of its related entities may be at the same time your counterparty, your customer, a custody partner and an issuer of securities you hold)
  • Correctly assess known exposure and discover unknown exposure
  • Improved counterparty exposure reporting for regulatory purposes
  • Manage counterparty risk more effectively and reduce risk (e.g. assign correct internal/external ratings)
  • Reliable and complete data fed to risk management systems
  • Compliance with existing and upcoming regulations
  • Agile platform to quickly adapt to new reporting requirements
  • Foster regulators, auditors, shareholders and clients confidence
  • Remove or at least reduce reliance on spreadsheets
  • Full audit trail with comprehensive activity log in case of audit
  • Reduce the risk of manual errors
  • Increased profitability through reduction of operational costs
  • Reduced trade failures
  • Increased STP
  • One repository with all necessary information and documentation (contacts, agreements, SSIs)
  • Quickly identify Settlement issues & bottleneck (linked to counterparty information)
  • Unambiguous identification of instruments and issuers
  • System views allow for complete data transparency across front, middle and back office functions
  • Eliminate manual errors
  • Enforce stricter data governance
  • Full audit trails
  • Reduced lead time to open a new counterparty/client
  • Provide superior client experience during onboarding/KYC process
  • Assess and increase profitability from existing business relationships
  • Generate new revenue streams through cross-selling opportunities
  • User -friendly interface with access to all the client information (contacts, types, roles, ratings,….)
  • Centralized, single-screen access to multiple data sources
  • One-stop solution: we support the complete data lifecycle (data import, normalization, conversion, mapping, matching, cleansing, distribution and maintenance)
  • Flexible data model : creation of new attributes and/or objects can be done in minutes, no coding is required
  • Facilitation/Acceleration of data cleansing activities: we provide out of the box converters and configurable fuzzy matching algorithms to minimize manual reviews
  • Data validation and enrichment: you can rely on a single, consolidated access to multiple vendors
  • External data mapping and matching against your internal data: we accelerate data alignment projects (e.g. LEI, CICI, issuer & instrument IDs,…)
  • Fast addition of new data sources: our pre-built adaptors/connectors will ensure new content can be used quickly
  • External/Internal Data Comparison: dashboards, stats and side-by-side views of multiple data sources allow easy comparison
  • Limited training required: our user-friendly and intuitive front-end means users are up and running in a matter of hours or days
  • Industry standards adoption: we already use industry standards and we can facilitate integration/implementation of new ones in your environment.
  • Strict Data governance can be achieved
  • Full audit trail
  • One-stop solution for all your entity data needs
  • Big Data solution – ability to manage growing volumes of information related to entities
  • Non-intrusive platform can be deployed more easily than traditional “heavy duty” systems
  • Rapid integration with no need to block IT staff on long integration projects
  • Modular architecture allowing for rapid scalability
  • Extensible data model with no coding required
  • Standard technology (Java)
  • Incremental implementation
  • Customization on demand if needed
  • Java toolkit for customization
  • Plug&Play Interfaces with all major data vendors

Some of the projects we are working on

  • Data mapping in preparation for the CICI and LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)
  • Cleansing and enrichment of Client Data repositories
  • Linkage between instruments and issuers
  • Development of corporate hierarchies views
  • Faster client onboarding, KYC/AML workflows
  • Exposure reporting enhancements
  • Integration of entity data feeds from various vendors
  • Enhancements to settlements processes
  • Automatic tracking and alerting related to Corporate Actions events
  • Centralized management of entity data and documentation